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 Professional Sales People, my name is Jeremy Fox and I own and operate Radiant Merchant Services. I have personally been blessed to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars through hard work and determination in a very short time. I’m dedicating 100% of my time to teaching others how to accomplish financial freedom. Call me today and in 20 minutes I will share information that can change your financial life forever. I’m looking to hire 10 new Agents in every city in America and from our successful Agents, I will be hiring Local and National Team Leaders and a VP of Sales Quickly!


What I Look for in a Successful Agent- 

  • Independent Entrepreneurial Minded Individuals

  • Desire Financial Success  

  • Winning Attitude

  • Inside or Outside Sales Experience

  • Smart-Phone, Computer/Laptop or iPad/Tablet 

  • Reliable Transportation  

  • Willing to Learn Proven Techniques 

  • Exceptional Presentation Skills ​​


How will you crush the competition?

  • Integrity - The Company's foundation was built on the delivery of transparent information, allowing us to all have real integrity.

  • Training - All staff is trained with real transparent industry information. You are never kept in the dark.  “WIN, WIN, WIN” An everyone Wins system!

  • Competitive Edge - You will know industry insights that other agents never learn, giving you a huge competitive edge.

  • Confidence - Agents present with a higher level of confidence knowing that they are delivering true and really beneficial information.

  • Products - Agents have access to every product available, so you have what you need when you need it. 

  • Services - Agents have access to every service and product available the industry has to offer, you will fulfill your client’s needs.

  • Technology - Agents are provided with the best technology, allowing for higher levels of production. 

  • Compensation - Our Agents have the highest compensation plans in the industry, it's 50% to 100% higher than what Agents are making elsewhere. “No, it’s not a typo”      

                                           You Will Love Where You Work, Love What You Do, And Get Paid What You Are Worth Doing It!


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