Interchange + Scripting & Notes –

  • Also known as – Wholesale or Cost + Pricing


Radiant does have an Interchange + only script, however we do have it as part of a combination script.


Valuable Notes:

  • Radiant refers to or presents Interchange + as our Wholesale Processing. We do this to keep things simple and easy to understand.

  • You have all heard the quote K.I.S.S for “Keep it Simple Stupid” this is where it’s implemented.

  • You will also here us say; “Always Sell on the Path of Least Resistance”.

  • Never make what you’re selling difficult to understand! If you do your merchants will things like, ‘It sounds good, but I need to think about it”. Meaning it sounds good, but I don’t understand what you said because it’s too complicated.

  • Don’t get hung up on savings for to long. Establish the savings quickly and move on establishing equipment/Gateway processing needs etc. 


Example Scripting:


Power Statement - ____________, my Goal here today is present with a 50 to 100 percent savings!


 Example Presentation exchange:

(Sales Partner) _____________, our goal is to cut your processing fees by 50% to 100%, which do you prefer, saving 50% or eliminating your fees completely?


(Merchant) How can you completely eliminate my processing fees?


(Sales Partner) Our Cash Discount program passes the processing fee onto the card holder at the time of the transaction and subsequently eliminates your processing fees.


(Merchant Response 1)

1. Why wouldn’t everyone do that?


(Sales Partner)

1. Actually everyone is, Cash Discount is the fastest growing processing structure in the nation,

by the way what is the Full Legal Name of your business?

(Go straight to the App and completely assume the sale from that point on)


(Merchant Response 2)

2. I don’t think I want to charge my customers my processing fees


(Sales Partner)

1. I understand, so will just be saving you 50% then…

(Go straight to the App and completely assume the sale from that point on)


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