Why We Don't Think Cash Discount is Right for Every Merchant - 


 We don't think that Cash Discount is right for all Merchants, because they're situations where it's just bad business. So use situational Selling.

If you haven't already heard us say; "Sell with the Path of Least Resistance." Notice I didn't say, just cave in, but rather "Sell" so Always Be Closing. 

Example: You've approached a Auto Collision business that is interested in saving money, but isn't interested in the Cash Discount program because over 50% of their recurring customer base is large corporations like Progressive and State Farm where their average transaction is over 30k. A 30k transaction on the Cash Discount program would cost the customer $1,152. At the risk losing a customer like Progressive it just doesn't make sense.

However the Good News is, after presenting Cash Discount 1 time to the merchant, you can suggest that they set up their equipment or Payment Gateway to be able to toggle on and off the Cash Discount pricing. In other words for the Merchants one off walkin customer, toggle to Cash Discount to eliminate 100% of the processing fee and toggle back to Interchange + to save 50%. We put the power of Savings in the Merchants hands.