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Interchange + Processing Fee Insight

Interchange + Pricing is a credit card processing fee model that is comprised of taking all major card brands like VISA/MC Interchange fees + basis points added on by processors like Radiant. Interchange + is sometimes referred to as Cost + or Wholesale pricing. Interchange fees are set by the major card brands and are passed through directly through to the Merchant + a processors added on basis points that can range from 10 to 100+ basis points. * Click on image below.


Interchange + Scripting & Notes

Remember if Selling Interchange + is done as you explain how Interchange + works and that it's only recently become available to all Merchants no matter what their processing volume.

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Interchange MPA's

iMultiple Interchange + Merchant Applications are included in the link below. * Click Image below


Interchange + Media

What is Interchange + Pricing? Click on the purple image below to watch a short video.


When do I present Interchange +

As a Radiant Sales Partner how do I know when to present Interchange + Pricing -VS- Cash Discount?

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Interchange + Media  

Interchange + is one of fastest growing Credit Card Processing fee structures in the United States now that it's available to all businesses.

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