Interchange + VS Cash Discounting


How do you know when to present what type of Processing Fee Structure?




The simple answer is, always!


Radiant focuses on volume, in other words we have a “Sell More Make More” philosophy. In order to accomplish this Radiant has created, “Selling with the Path of Least Resistance”


The good news is it’s simpler than you may think. Think about it, with Interchange + Pricing our goal is to save a Merchant 50% and our goal Cash Discount is to save a Merchant 100%, either way the Merchant Saves.


Tip: always lead with Interchange + rather than Cash Discount, so you can fall back on saving the Merchant at least 50%.


Example exchange:

(Sales Partner) _____________, our goal is to cut your processing fees by 50% to 100%, which do you prefer Saving 50% or eliminating your fees completely?


(Merchant) How can you completely eliminate my processing fees?


(Sales Partner) Our Cash Discount program passes the processing fee onto the card holder at the time of the transaction and subsequently eliminates your processing fees.


(Merchant Response 1)

  1. Why wouldn’t everyone do that?

(Sales Partner)

  1. Actually, everyone is it’s the fastest growing processing model in the nation!

(Go straight to the App and completely assume the sale from that point on)


(Merchant Response 2)

  1. I don’t think I want to charge my customers my processing fees

(Sales Partner)

  1. I understand, so will just be saving you 50% then…

(Go straight to the App and completely assume the sale from that point on)


Don’t get hung up on Cash Discount, make a sale and move on. More is More having 2 upfront commissions and 2 backend commission will really add up in a big way!

For more training contact your Team Leader, ask to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting to go over Scripting, Handling Objections and Roleplaying.